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     automation, energy and environment

gears Telemetrik is a company focused on research and technological innovation.

A flexible and dynamic facility, rooted in our territory, is enhanced by collaborations with the best local companies and with Umbrian engineers and designers.

The Design Unit (Studio di Ingegneria Roncella) and the Commercial Unit (Telemetrik) form a perfect synergy that can meet the most challenging design specifications.

A prestigious customers portfolio demonstrates the excellent level of engineering solutions developed in Telemetrik.

PNRA - National Project for Research in Antarctica (Italy), Pirelli Labs, Pirelli Ambiente, the European Consortium ARENA, ENEA, ORM - Observatorio Roque de Los Muchachos (La Palma, Spain), Tuorla Observatory (Finland), Polo di Mantenimento delle Armi Leggere (Italy), Alenia Marconi Systems, are just some of our satisfied customers.

Several solutions developed in Telemetrik are covered by international patents and, in some cases, our achievements are unique in the world; the KVA-60 Robotic Photopolarimeter in La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) is the only instrument of this type in the world, and has been mentioned several times by specialized press (the prestigious Astrophysical Journal and others) thanks to important scientific discoveries of which has been the protagonist.


Our Mobile Laboratory for field tests and measurements.